As you probably deduced from the cover image, my husband and I got married in Greece! We are adventurers—unorthodox trailblazers into the world of the unknown, uninhibited by any sort of consideration for societal norms or the opinions of others. We decided it only made sense to apply this refreshing freedom to our wedding. This post is all about how we did it and everything we discovered in Greece along the way! So, here we go…






I guess you might be wondering where in Greece we went. Perhaps it was a mistake, but my husband, Abraham, and I put it to a family vote and it was an almost unanimous decision—Mykonos. I say family vote because we invited Abraham’s kids, Aime (then 15) and Evan (10), and my mom and brother to come with us. We love Airbnb and try to rent a house whenever we travel as a family. It’s usually cheaper than a hotel and you save money by buying groceries and not having to eat out for every meal (plus there’s more room to spread out!). Mykonos was no different—we found a private villa overlooking the Mediterranean and made that our home base for two weeks. The pictures above are of the sunrise our first morning there!






Ok—let me just say that I’m a beach person. I’ve been to a lot of beaches. So I can say with the utmost confidence that YOU. WILL. NOT. FIND. MORE. SPARKLING. DAZZLING. COOL. REFRESHING. INTOXICATING beaches than the ones on the unforgettable island of Mykonos! Clearer waters you will not find. Unfortunately I will now have to endure a lifetime of disappointment as I’m sure I won’t be able to find another beach that tops the ones we sunbathed on in Mykonos. In order of appearance, the beaches featured above are Lia, Kalafati, and Lia again. Kalo Livadi and Paradise were also gorgeous (make sure to take your goggles!).




Seafood so fresh you were swimming with it minutes before—JUST KIDDING. Sort of. But the delicacies we indulged in. I’m getting hungry writing this! By the way, if you’re one of those people who refuses to try the local food while you’re traveling and just eats chicken nuggets like always…just get off my site. Ok, I’m joking again but seriously—get out of your comfort zone! Let your palate flourish! Treat your taste buds! Anyway, Mediterranean food is exquisite and Greece did not let us down. Personal favorites: baklava, stuffed grape leaves, lamb, pasta drenched in olive oil, and their coffee was strangely delightful.





We stayed on the southern coast of the island away from the craziness of Mykonos Town because we knew we wanted a quieter, more tranquil location for our wedding ceremony. It was a little inconvenient as getting around wasn’t as straightforward as we thought it would be on such a tiny island, but in the end it worked out. A few things you should know: our absolute favorite way to get around the island was, of course, the quad. It was cheaper than a rental car, easier to park, and just super fun! The tricky thing with the quad, though, is that it doesn’t fit that many people. If you’re not traveling in a large group, this will work great for you. We, however, had to make a couple trips to transport everyone to and from the different places we visited and after a couple days it just wasn’t practical. We tried relying solely on the bus system for a bit but, though their buses are brand new, charter-style vehicles, they definitely ran on “island time” and were a little less than dependable. Taxis were super expensive and didn’t fit large groups either, so we eventually bit the budget bullet and rented a car.





M Y K O N O S  T O W N

If we hadn’t been worrying about where we would have our wedding ceremony, I definitely would have stayed closer to Mykonos Town. It’s really close to the airport (we flew directly in and out of JMK) and there’s so much going on. You could get lost for hours in the winding, cobbled streets shopping in the posh boutiques, eating sweet treats, checking out the sights (the stunning blue and white architecture of the city never gets old), or even swimming (Mykonos Town has a beach but it’s not as nice as the other “rawer” beaches and everyone is dressed to the nines so you don’t really want to be the one tourist who looks like a wet dog…with that being said, I jumped in the waves with Evan clothes and all so in the end BE UP FOR ADVENTURE!). The party scene is, of course, hot so make sure to check out the nightlife (VOID nightclub was pretty cool). There are restaurants all along the coast but our favorite—and the most Instagrammed—is Kastro’s (second image above). We went there after our wedding ceremony and had the most amazing view, the most amazing drinks, and the most amazing food!





Mykonos is famous for the historic windmills on the island. Though they’re no longer operational, the easy hike up to see them is just a short walk through scenic Mykonos Town and the view from the top (the windmills are located up on a cliff) is unmatched.





A lot of people go island-hopping in Greece, but I am notorious for over-scheduling our trips with excursions and a million different activities so we purposefully planned to stay the full two weeks relaxing in Mykonos. As the trip drew closer, however, I began to experience “tourist’s remorse” at the thought of not visiting one of the most historic places in the world. I panicked and planned a last minute trip to Athens. We were in and out in two days so it doesn’t really warrant a separate post but I am glad that we got to know Athens. A word of warning: we went in August and it was blisteringly, mind-numbingly, desperately, insufferably hot. The hike up to the temple of Parthenon on the Acropolis citadel was almost impossible—it’s long, uphill, suffocating, and difficult, to say the least. Absolutely worth it to see the historic ruins of one of the most influential societies in the world, but just be prepared. Also, the stone steps leading up to the ruins have been worn down to the smoothest marble and my mom almost broke her leg slipping on the path so be careful and wear appropriate shoes!

By the way, we did go to the beach in Athens (Edem, on the southwest coast) and were so saddened to find the water completely littered with trash. The coast of Athens was so different from the pristine, virgin beaches—with the most translucent water I’ve ever seen—of Mykonos. It broke my heart to see how we as humans take our beautiful earth for granted and ruin it with our carelessness. Please, please take care of our oceans by recycling, saying no to single-use plastics, and committing to a more sustainable lifestyle.







Alright, if you’ve made it this far then you deserve to be rewarded with a few pics and details from our wedding. As I explained at the beginning of my post, we wanted our ceremony to reflect our nonconformist, renegade approach to life and love. We were legally married in the United States before traveling to Greece. Evan wanted to perform the ceremony, which I thought was so cute and touching. Aime gave a brief but absolutely heartwarming speech, as did my brother, and my mom read the prayers and gave the blessing. Abraham and I each wrote our own vows. We had the ceremony at golden hour on our villa’s terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. It was, as is the theme with everything in our life, imperfectly perfect. We achieved exactly what we wanted, which was to focus on each other, our love and commitment, with the people who have most supported us. It was an adventure, filled with moments we’ll always remember in a place we’d never been but will now forever hold a place in our hearts.

If I could be so bold as to share some advice with you, dear reader, I would tell you to always be loyal to the ones around you but, above all, always remain true to yourself (coincidentally, Aime’s message to us in her wedding speech). People will always judge you for who you are, who you are not, what you’ve done, and what you haven’t. The greatest gift you can give yourself is the gift of freedom—freedom to be yourself, freedom to do what you love, freedom to love who you love. Freedom will bring happiness, and your happiness will touch the lives of others. Don’t live this short time we have on earth bound by limitations and regrets. And to prove to you that I’m not the only person crazy enough to believe this, I leave you now with a little Greek philosophy:


“The madness of love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings.”



Thanks for reading and keep on flying!

The Adventureist


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