The Must Have Accessory for Every Woman (and Man!)

I travel so often that there have been more than a few times where I haven’t known what day it was, let alone what time. A stylish, versatile, and practical watch is something everyone needs – whether you’re jetsetting around the world trying to keep track of timezones or busy running from work meeting to social event. If you’re in the market for a new timepiece, let me introduce you to one of my favorite brands.


Welly Merck is a Swiss luxury fashion brand specializing in elegant, modern, and functional watches for women and men. I own their leather Fighter Lisbon watch in pink. I would call my fashion style modern minimalist, and this watch certainly fits that description with its delicate design and poignant details. It literally matches everything in my closet, so it gets packed on every trip I take.


Apart from its beautiful aesthetic, the Welly Merck brand is sophisticated and honest. I could tell from the very beginning that the brand prides itself on the quality products it delivers. I have been deeply impressed by both its stunning designs and excellent customer service.

In today’s hectic world, you need something reliable to help maintain the zen in your life – while looking good, too! With a gorgeous new watch on your wrist, checking the time will bring a smile to your face no matter the timezone. Do what I did and make sure to check out all the amazing designs by Welly Merck.

Thanks for reading and keep on flying!

The Adventureist

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